I love video and the way it fuses together so many different artistic forms - photography, editing, performance, writing, sound design and music – into a single piece of communication. I would argue that of those disciplines, it is music that, when done well, can most easily cause us to suspend our disbelief and surrender our senses and our imaginations to the unfolding narrative.




"Olly Farrell is a brilliant composer. The whole Crims production team were hugely impressed with the quality of his compositions, and the speed and professionalism with which he provided them." Adam Kay - writer BBC3's CRIMS

"We worked with composer Olly Farrell who very quickly created the perfect track, he really got the brief and created a piece that was perfect for the client and really worked with the film.  I would highly recommend Olly for any compositions or production music." Victoria Watson - producer The Gate Films



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Olly learned to the play the keyboard from a young age very quickly and found he could play almost anything and transpose at will. His versatility has been useful in composing for film across the genres. Olly attended International Media Youth workshops in Directing, Drama, Scriptwriting, Photography, Editing, and Sound. Olly was mentored by Francois Perez (Gene Loves Gezebel) who taught him digital music production. Olly was then accepted into Leeds College of Music where he attained firsts in both the foundation degree course and the BA top-up. His work has been broadcast on national radio, network television (within shows and adverts) and online. All this experience has given him the ambition and skill-set to thrive as a professional composer, arranger and producer.