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[The apes of genius]



It's-a me, Olly Farrell, a wobbly-headed multi-instrumentalist and composer whose work is now predominantly in the live arena but I pick up commercial commissions too.

I studied Music and Sound Production for the Moving Image at Leeds College of Music under Brian Morrell and Neil Myers. My colleague and housemate Dan Marsh and I ran “MF Audio” composing soundtracks for ads and things from our home studio until I decided to up sticks back to my homeland north of the wall in Edinburgh.

I set myself up in the capital’s unglamorous West End with a shiny new Nord Stage piano in pursuit of fresh musical opportunities. I joined The Micro Band and featured on the debut record “People People”.

I’m a kurrent keyboardist in
Bombskare, Scotland’s “ska juggernaut”. Midge Ure likes us, if that means anything to you. It means nothing to me, oh, Vienna. Look out for Bombskare's upcoming third record “A Million Ways to Die”.

My passion project called
The Apes of Genius is ostensibly just me and my laptop but will evolve as long as the human race does to incorporate other apes playing my tunes live. The Apes first record “Piggybacking on the Shoulders of Giants” features, amongst others, Morgan Freeman so what’s not to like? Probably can’t get him for the live shows though. If you scroll down you can stream my follow-up EP “Very Evolved” which features four very badly sung songs.

I’m currently developing my next Apes of Genius record “The Olly Bible” which is set to be my most self-aggrandising release yet. Critics will undoubtedly hail it as the most (self)-important record of 2019. An amalgamation of several past failed projects; I’ve decided to bash myself out my comfort zone (with more than a nod to The Hero’s Journey) to create an autobiographical aural tapestry documenting the exhilarating highs and crushing lows of what it means to be stuck inside my hero-shaped flesh vessel. I’m pushing my musical maturity with sung songs, solo piano instrumentals and thumping electronic bangers. Whatever happens, I remain hardwired for music and that is only secondary to the gift of music itself.






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